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Hassle-Free Workflow

Making stuff is hard. But we take the hassle out of a tedious process. We've honed a dedicated workflow that avoids pitfalls and keeps the vision intact throughout–no compromises necessary.

Captivating Stories & Characters

Whether you've already drawn out a dynamite idea or need one conceived, we're here to help. Our goal is always to capture a compelling story in a single frame.

Big Scale

The world is a big and wondrous place, and we like to capture as much beauty as we can in every image. Whether on custom-built sets or faraway locations, we like settings that pack a wallop.

Painstaking Detail

No pixel goes unloved in our image-making system. We believe in tending to the little things, and it's an accumulation of those countless details that make our images so rich and vibrant.

Rich Color & Tones

"Muddy" and "dull" aren't words we're acquainted with. We like to paint with bright colors and implement the full tonal spectrum. Our images pop and sparkle with full intensity.

Proprietary Post-Production System

Say that fives times fast. We've spent years honing our Thalicer Digitalâ„¢ post-production system. Whether you need hundred-layer compositing or cutting edge effects work, we're up to the task.

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Sierra Nevada mountains California

Sierra Nevada mountains California